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Soft Armor Ballistic Fabric

TYZ’s WB-532 bulletproof sheet is made of UHMWPE fibers independently developed in house. The raw material consists of two uni-directional arranged fiber webs that overlap at a 90° angle and are then laminated with a special matrix of materials using specific technology. The outward appearance is a white textile fiber, thinly sliced, and primarily used in soft body armor. This body armor is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable while still providing an outstanding level of protection from shooting or other impacts in a multitude of environments. The soft armor bulletproof vest features an excellent resistance to humidity, alkali and strong acids, as well as a resistance to UV rays and aging. The bulletproof effect significantly reduces the sunken deformations on the back found in traditional vests, protecting the wearer from large blunt force trauma caused by a large sunken deformation.

Item Area Density Thickness Route Size
WB-532 WB-674 130±8g/m2 160±8g/m2 0.14±0.02㎜ 0.16±0.02㎜ 1.2m×100m 1.2m×100m

Protection Performance:
Can achieve NIJ IIIA 9mm.
Can achieve NIJ IIIA .44magmum

Main Applications:
Light soft body armor for police, armed police, law-executor, senior officer, leaders, other law enforcement officials

Tongyizhong is a reputable UHMWPE soft armor ballistic fabric manufacturer and supplier, develop and manufacture UHMWPE fiber material since 1999. UHMWPE fiber is short for abbreviation as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high performance material for cut resistant fabric, ballistic fabric and plate, bulletproof body armor and other personal protection products. Engineering with dry-Jet wet spinning technique, we provide high quality lightweight polyethylene fiber and UHMWPE soft armor ballistic products with competitive prices.

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