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Vehicle Armor UHMWPE Ballistic Fabric

TYZ HA-252 ballistic fabric is made of the UHMWPE fiber. Its raw material is comprised of 2 unidirectional arranged fiber webs which overlap each other by 90°. The materials are then processed into ballistic fabric with specific composited processing technology. Its appearance is white fiber slice. The ballistic fabric is applied to the hardness bulletproof field for its many excellent performances. Its weight is light so it can provide outstanding protection effectivity from the multi-bullet shots especially the angled shoots. And it has good wet resistance and can resist to the alkali, acid and other chemicals. Its good fragment resistant performance can effectively reduce the sinking. Besides, PE fiber has low conductivity so it can be protective shells of the ships, tanks, batteries or other important devices and has good invisible effectivity.

Model Surface density Thickness Normal size
HA-252 138±5g/m2 0.22±0.02㎜ 1200×2420㎜

The ballistic fabric is mainly applied to the arc breast boards, ceramic composite boards, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof and riot shields, lightweight rigid plates for vehicle and vessel use, building armors, explosion isolation devices, lank counters, cabin doors, fighter floors and so on.

Protection performance:
The armors which are pressed to 22KG/m2 can avoid the penetration of the 7.62mmNATO bullets from the M17 7.62mm automatic rifles.

Tongyizhong is a reputable vehicle armor UHMWPE ballistic fabric manufacturer and supplier, develop and manufacture UHMWPE fiber material since 1999. UHMWPE fiber is short for abbreviation as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high performance material for making ballistic fabric and plate, bulletproof body armor and other personal protection products. Engineering with dry-Jet wet spinning technique, we provide high quality lightweight polyethylene fiber and bulletproof UHMWPE vehicle armor products with competitive prices.

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