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Ballistic Fabric

When it comes to safeguard materials, UHMWPE fiber offers a number of unique advantages, including a high toughness. It’s absorption rate for impact energy is the highest among advanced composites, and is 2.6, 3 and 1.8 times stronger than aramid fiber, carbon fiber and E glass fiber composite materials respectively. Due to its high impact resistance and bulletproof performance, the UHMWPE fiber is widely used in ballistics or bulletproof vests, helmets, armor and more. As the composite armor’s bulletproof properties are roughly 2.5 times higher than aramid fiber, it is not only the lightest in body armor, but also the strongest. Its U/P is 10, more than double that of steel, glass and aramid fibers, making it ideal for soft bulletproof vests and bulletproof steel plates, as well as armor and impact resistant plates for racers and mountain climbers. UHMWPE fiber is also used for other lifesaving protections, including bulletproof armor, banknote carriers, armored cars, bulletproof cars, and armed helicopters, as well as anti-explosion liners, all due to its lightweight and extreme durability properties. Due to the outstanding textile processing performance, the polyethylene fabric can also be used to make stab and scrape resistant fabrics.

    1. Soft Armor Ballistic FabricThe outward appearance is a white textile fiber, thinly sliced, and primarily used in soft body armor. This body armor is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable while still providing an outstanding level of protection from shooting or other impacts in a multitude of environments.
    1. Hard Armor Ballistic FabricTYZ’s HA-252 bulletproof UD sheets are manufactured using UHMWPE reinforced bulletproof composite. The fabric itself consists of two plies of uni-directional fiber that is cross plied at a 90° angle to each other, with a special aqueous dispersion adhesive and specific technology.
    1. Body Armor UHMWPE Ballistic FabricThe ballistic fabric is applied to the soft bulletproof field for its soft and comfortable texture. The ballistic fabric is light and can provide good protection in any condition. And it has good wet resistance and can resist to the alkali, acid and other chemicals.
    1. Vehicle Armor UHMWPE Ballistic FabricTYZ HA-252 ballistic fabric is made of the UHMWPE fiber. Its raw material is comprised of 2 unidirectional arranged fiber webs which overlap each other by 90°. The materials are then processed into ballistic fabric with specific composited processing technology. Its appearance is white fiber slice.
    1. Aramid Fiber Ballistic FabricTYZ FT-102 ballistic fabric is made of the aramid fiber. Its raw material is comprised of 2 unidirectional arranged fiber webs which overlap each other by 90°. The materials are then processed into ballistic fabric with specific composited processing technology. Its appearance is yellow fiber slice.

TYZ’s bulletproof UD sheets feature a unique uni-directional construction in which the yarns are not woven, but instead, lie parallel to each other. The UD sheets are available in both hard and soft sheets, depending on the specific purpose. Soft sheets are most often used for light and soft body armor, whereas hard sheets are used for bulletproof plates, helmets, shields and other bulletproof applications. End users use TYZ’s UD sheets due to its minimum weight, making it applicable to a wider array of applications, and as it is not affected by water or sunlight, and needs no special protection, it is a great choice for military and law enforcement applications.

Main Applications:
Bulletproof helmet
Bulletproof vest
Bulletproof plates
Explosion resistant blankets
Armor plates
Bulletproof shields
Bulletproof bags
Cut/stab resistant vest
Bullet/stab resistant vest

Excellent Performance
1. Ballistic fabric made from UHMWPE fibers is widely used in the production of hard and soft bulletproof products.
2. Due to its light weight, and excellent protective performance, the bulletproof fabric holds up to its extreme durability, even under multiple impacts.
3. Excellent resistance to humidity, abrasion, erosion, moisture, UV rays and chemicals
4. Excellent fragment resistance, meaning even under multiple impacts the quality and strength will not lessen.
5. Its excellent performance is ideal for warships, and stealth military aircrafts
6. The material combines easily with other materials, making it suitable for complicated and changing environments
7. Low blunt trauma

Tongyizhong is a reputable UHMWPE ballistic fabric manufacturer and supplier, develop and manufacture UHMWPE fiber material since 1999. UHMWPE fiber is short for abbreviation as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high performance material for making ballistic fabric and plate, bulletproof body armor and other personal protection products. Engineering with dry-Jet wet spinning technique, we provide high quality lightweight polyethylene fiber and UHMWPE ballistic products with competitive prices.

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