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Ballistic Plate

TYZ’s bulletproof plate is made with TYZ’s patented uni-directional (UD) material, and is designed exclusively to aid guards and soldiers in the field in protecting against heavy-duty, multi-hit threats. According to different materials and applications, TUZ’s bulletproof plates can be divided into PE insert plates, ceramic composite plates, ballistic shields, vehicle armor plates, steel and PE composite plates. By reducing the weight, TYZ’s bulletproof plate can provide the maximum level of comfort and protection, without sacrificing freedom of movement or flexibility. These ballistic plates are widely used in personal protection and vehicle protection systems.

    1. Personal Armor UHMWPE Bulletproof PlateTYZ’s bulletproof insert s are made of UHMWPE fiber non-woven fabric, independently developed by us here at TYZ. The bulletproof inserts are widely used as personal protective equipment for both military and law enforcement officers, and each PE insert conforms to GA141-2010 and NIJ 0101.6 standards. We also offer customization services.
    1. Body Armor Ballistic Ceramic PlateThe Doyentrontex ZF series of ceramic composite plates is based on a backup plate made of UHMWPE fiber. The backup plate is combined with a silicon carbide or aluminum ceramic and a special gel through a thermal pressing molding.
    1. Vehicle Armor Ballistic PlateThe Doyentrontex vehicle armor ballistic plate is widely used in armored cars, armored cash carriers, submarines, and other military and protective service vehicles. The reference dimension is 1.2 meters x 2.4 meters, and different thickness levels are available based on different bulletproof application needs.

Main Applications:
Personal protection
Bulletproof armor
Bulletproof shield
Explosion-protection wall

Tongyizhong is a reputable UHMWPE ballistic plate manufacturer and supplier, develop and manufacture UHMWPE fiber material since 1999. UHMWPE fiber is short for abbreviation as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high performance material for making ballistic fabric and plate, bulletproof body armor and other personal protection products. Engineering with dry-Jet wet spinning technique, we provide high quality lightweight polyethylene fiber and UHMWPE ballistic products with competitive prices.

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