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PE Composite Ballistic Helmet

TYZ’s ballistic helmet is a new generation of lightweight protective helmets. It features maximum comfort and protections, resolving shortcomings often found in traditional helmets. The helmet shell is made of UHMWPE fiber, offering a superior performance with the most advanced technology. We have a strong technical force, a trusted processing method, sophisticated production equipment and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a complete quality assurance system to guarantee the final performance of these bulletproof helmets.

TYZ’s bulletproof helmets have been tested by the General Armament Department, Ministry of Public Security, and the US White Laboratory, as well as other authorities, both at home and abroad. The performance of these helmets has reached international levels, and they have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, earning high praise among international and domestic customers.

Excellent Performance
These ballistic helmets are the lightest available on the market today, with excellent handgun and fragment protection features.
The unique light composite material reduces the fatigue of the wearer.
An ideal mass distribution minimizes lag during head movement.
The excellent machine stiffness and toughness provides an excellent and ergonomic impact protection, ricochet damage control and thermal insulation.
Made from entirely environmentally friendly materials, the helmets are non-toxic and harmless.
The PE bulletproof helmets feature an excellent performance in nearly any environment, including snow, desert, hills and plains.

TYZ Bulletproof Helmet
TYZ’s ballistic helmets are made using our independently developed and produced ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber uni-directional (UD) materials, which are pressed by a special process and a specific mold. Materials for the helmets are chosen to meet and maintain the highest level of performance in a curved shape, while offering wearers excellent head protection, even against multiple hits and angle shots. Some of our most popular choices include the PASGT helmet and police helmet shapes.

Helmet Specification:
Specification Protection Level Protection Area Weight
ZK -234 NIJ-0101.06 , Level IIIA 0.14m2 < 1.5 Kg
ZK -134
ZK -212 GA293-2001, Level II 0.14m2 < 1.5 Kg
ZK -112

Helmet Type:
Popular PASGT Helmet and Police Helmet shapes

Helmet Color:
Black, olive green, sand, dark blue

Helmet Cover:
The helmet covers are available in different colors, including black, dark blue, sand, camouflage and more.

Harness System:
TYZ bulletproof helmets are designed with a classic four point suspension system, which makes them fully compatible with different head sizes. This results in a fully compatible helmet, and we also provide different suspension systems with different structures according to customer requirements.
1. The specially designed neck pad can be adjusted to make the system more stable
2. Extra comfort
3. Soft drawstring system
4. Double sided locking mechanism: this makes the helmet more convenient to wear, and provides a higher stability.
5. Plastic, cotton and leather chin cups are also optional additions

Production processing

Tongyizhong is a reputable PE composite ballistic helmet manufacturer and supplier, develop and manufacture UHMWPE fiber material since 1999. UHMWPE fiber is short for abbreviation as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high performance material for making ballistic helmet, bulletproof body armor and other personal protection products. Engineering with dry-Jet wet spinning technique, we provide high quality lightweight polyethylene fiber and composite ballistic products with competitive prices.

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