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  • UHMWPE Fiber for Body Armor and Vehicle Armor
  • The application of the UHMWPE fiber for the body armor and vehicle armor excellently show the high performance of UHMWPE fiber. UHMWPE fiber has good impact resistant which the specific impact absorbing energy is the highest which is nearly the 2.6 times, 3times and 1.8 times of the aramid, carbon fiber and E fiberglass composite. UHMWPE fiber is widely used for bulletproof body armors, helmets, bulletproof armors and other areas for its high impact resistant ability and bulletproof ability.

  • UHMWPE Fiber for Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Gloves which are made of aramid are heavy, uncomfortable. Gloves which are made of glass fiber have light weight but uncomfortable texture and they are not durable. Gloves which are made of engineering yarn with steel wire reinforcement have uncomfortable texture. However, the cut resistant gloves which are made of UHMWPE fiber have higher protective quality and more comfortable texture. They can effectively protect the safety of the police from the cut by knives and other sharp things. They are very popular with the police.

  • UHMWPE Fiber for Fishing Line and Fishing Net
  • Lighter: The UHMWPE fiber feeding nets need antifouling composition 40% less than the nylon feeding nets. However, the weight of the UHMWPE fiber feeding net is only half of the nylon feeding net which has the same breaking strength. The UHMWPE fiber feeding nets are more easily to be installed and more safely to be operated.

  • UHMWPE Fiber for Marine Supplies
  • The ropes, cables, sails and fishing gears which are made of UHMWPE fibers are fit for the ocean engineering. The breaking length which are caused by the rope’s own weight is 8 times of the steel rope and 2 times of the aramid rope. The UHMWPE fiber ropes can be used as the anchor ropes for the super tankers, marine platforms and lighthouses, and the UHMWPE can effectively avoid the usual problems such as the reduction of the strength, the fracture of the ropes, the frequent replacements which are cause by the rust and corrosion of the steel ropes and nylon ropes.

  • UHMWPE Fiber for Airplane or Aircraft Parts
  • The composite materials which are made of UHMWPE fiber are applied to all kinds of wing tip structures, inner wall structures of the aerospace equipment, the head radar domes and the satellite communication antenna radar domes for the civil airplanes, landing system and salvage and recovery system and other aerospace gears for their light weights and high strength and good impact resistance.

  • UHMWPE Fiber for High Strength Rope
  • UHMWPE fiber mooring rope is about 10 times of the steel rope in the condition that they have the same weight. The UHMWPE fiber mooring rope can be easily found in the water because it can float on the surface of the water. So it can be salvaged before the sink or being intertwined. Besides, the UHMWPE fiber is hydrophobic, so it cannot be corroded by the ocean water and successfully be applied to the voyage. The UHMWPE fiber mooring rope can be used by the ocean vessels, avoid the threatens from the fractures of the ropes, reduce the weight of the ropes and prolong the working life of the ropes.