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UHMWPE Fiber for Airplane or Aircraft Parts

The composite materials which are made of UHMWPE fiber are applied to all kinds of wing tip structures, inner wall structures of the aerospace equipment, the head radar domes and the satellite communication antenna radar domes for the civil airplanes, landing system and salvage and recovery system and other aerospace gears for their light weights and high strength and good impact resistance.

Air cargo pallet
Features of the UHMWPE fiber pallet:

Stronger: The tension of 3g can suffer the goods weighing nearly 6.8t.
Lighter weight: The weight of the UHMWPE fiber air pallet net is about 7kg, at most 12kg which is over 60% lighter than the standard PE net.
More durable: The working life of the UHMWPE fiber net is 7-15 years anywhere but the PE net has a shorter one which is only 1-3 years.

The UHMWPE fiber can help reduce the weight of the net but do nothing to the safety or the performances. Besides, the UHMWPE fiber air pallet net has lower cost and less CO2 emission. And at the same time, the net can own longer working life and save the costs of the maintenance and repairs.

UHMWPE fiber unit load devices (ULD)
Features of the UHMWPE fiber ULD:

Management: according to the IATA statistics, there are about 420 airlines and 1.2 million ULD costing about 2 billion dollars. The world-famous airlines usually own 15000 to 20000 ULD. Each ULD needs good maintenance, follow-ups and effectively to be used.
Maintenance: each ULD usually need to be repaired 1to 2 times each year. The cost if the repair is 250 dollars. “ in 2006, the cost of the repair and replacement is over 2 billion dollars which is not accepted by the airlines.
Safety: Most ULD is made of aluminium now. Collins says that the resistance of the aluminium to the dents and tear caused by the external force. There will be safety risks once the ULD is damaged.