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UHMWPE Fiber for Fishing Line and Fishing Net

UHMWPE fiber has many features:
l. High specific strength and high specific modulus. The specific strength of the UHMWPE fiber is 1.5 times of the good quality steel wire’s and nearly 10 times of the ordinary chemical fiber’s.
2. The density of the UHMWPE fiber which is 0.97g/cm3 is less. The fiber can float on the surface of the water.
3. Less breaking elongation but bigger rupture work. The UHMWPE fiber has strong ability to absorb energy so it has excellent impact resistance and cut resistance.
4. Ultraviolet radiation resistance, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant and high electromagnetic wave transmission rate.
5. Wear resistance, chemical erosion resistance, longer flex life.

Fishing line

Features of the UHMWPE fiber fishing lines:
Low elongation -- more quick and more accurate casting

Low elongation can offer very tiny and right sense to the fishermen and at the same time fishermen can make the accurate and timely reaction to the moving of the fishing lines.

More secretive in the water:
UHMWPE fiber fishing lines can easily slip all kinds of obstacles to avoid being stuck. The resistance of moving in the water can be less for the less diameter of the fishing lines. The fishing lines can be more secretive and hardly to be found.

Good strength and good sensitivity

Wear resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance -- more durable
UHMWPE fiber fishing lines have good wear resistance and high durability such as the sunshine and salty water.

Fishing net

UHMWPE fiber fishing nets have lighter and thinner net lines and ropes than nylon and polyester fiber fishing nets, but the UHMWPE fiber lines promise the stability of their properties.

Lighter: The lighter weight can reduce the tension of the system and improve the stability of the net structure and increase the flow.

Stronger: the UHMWPE fiber fishing net can resistant the bites and destructions of the seals and sea wolves effectively.

Little diameter: The UHMWPE fiber fishing net can reduce the drag resistance during in the water which can effectively save the fuel.

Super low weight-strength ratio: It can reduce the tension of the mooring ropes can make it easily to operate the fishing net.

Wear resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance: longer working life.

Lower water absorption: The UHMWPE fiber fishing nets are easily to be cleaned up and maintained.

Feeding nets

Lighter: The UHMWPE fiber feeding nets need antifouling composition 40% less than the nylon feeding nets. However, the weight of the UHMWPE fiber feeding net is only half of the nylon feeding net which has the same breaking strength. The UHMWPE fiber feeding nets are more easily to be installed and more safely to be operated.

Stronger: The UHMWPE fiber feeding nets can effectively resistant the external attacks and the bites of the feeding fishes so that they can prevent the escape of fishes.

Smaller diameter: there will be less surface pollution and the UHMWPE fiber feeding nets only need to be cleaned up once per 12 months but the nylon nets need to be cleaned up per 7 months. The bigger net mashes make it easier for more water flow through meshes which can make the water cleaner and full of oxygen which means more health to the feeding fishes.

Low Elongation: The low Elongation can help to keep the shape of the net.

More wear resistant: The wear resistance can help to reduce the frequency of the repairmen and prolong the working life of the net. The working life of the UHMWPE fiber feeding nets can be 10years which is 2 times of the traditional nylon net.